2016 Elections: Demographics

I noticed quite a few people getting confused by the CNN exit polls, especially the table-view was easy to misinterpret. So I decided to look at their data and make my own, easier to understand, graphics.

Minorities voted overwhelmingly Clinton. Heterosexual and white people were almost evenly spread among both candidates, both in slight favor of Trump. The race of Clinton's voters was pretty diverse as well (53% white vs. 47% non-white), especially compared to Trump, 86% of his voters were white.

It's also interesting that an almost equal amonth of people were bothered by Clinton's emails and Trump's treatment of women. However, the people bothered by Clinton's emails mainly voted Trump, and the majority of people bothered by Trump's sexism voted Hillary. Almost all of Clinton's voters were bothered by Trump's behavior, one third of her voters also had a problem with her email scandal. And almost all of Trump's voters were bothered by Hillary's emails, compared to only 45% that were bothered by the way their candidate treats women.


Note: CNN has way more tables in their exit polls, I only redid the ones I personally found the most interesting. I might add more of them in the future.